1. Will the water purifier fit my tap?
Cleansui water purifiers fit 90% of taps available on the market. Check out the diagrams below to see if your faucet can fit, and which adapter you need. ALL adapters (including Adapter D) are provided by default. Please note that for hygiene reasons we do not allow returns/exchanges/refunds due to faucets unable to fit after the package is opened.

2. How do I install the water purifier?
Please refer to the diagram below for steps. Installlation is easily done DIY basis. You can also search in Youtube for videos on how to install. Please note that all Cleansui faucet models are installed in the same way onto the faucet.

3. Why are you selling this for cheaper than in shops?
We sell direct to customers online. By doing so, we cut out the middlemen and store rentals and pass on savings to customers.

4. What are the delivery options?
We provide either courier delivery at SGD 5, or self collection by appointment at Pasir Ris or Jurong East MRT Stations.

5. Is there warranty provided?
We provide 7 days 1-to-1 exchange for any damaged item on delivery. There is no product warranty provided but generally Cleansui Purifiers are quite fuss-free and we have been selling these for years without any problems reported from customers.

6. Do you provide installation service?
Not at this time. The installation procedure is simple and we have no problems so far providing support over email to customers. Please note that we do not allow any returns/refunds/exchanges due to customer unable to install. If you need assistance with installation, we suggest you contact your plumber. Most plumbers have experience installing such devices.

7. Are your Cleansui products authentic? 
Our Cleansui products are 100% original and authentic, direct from Japan. Our products are the same models as what you find in stores in Singapore except that the the packaging and instruction leaflet is in Japanese language. We have the English instructions on this website, and all faucet models are installed in the same way. We do not source our products from the Singapore distributor of Cleansui. It is a similar concept to parallel imported Japanese cars. If you are not comfortable with this fact, please do not order.

8. Is there a ‘best before’ or ‘expiry date’ for the filter cartridges?
No. There isn’t any expiry date for filter cartridges. The lifespan is determined through actual usage.

9. How can I trust ordering from you? There is no contact number or physical address listed on this website.
We have been operational for a few years and none of our customers have any issues with our products or service. Because of the low prices we offer, There have been customers who worry about our products authenticity or whether we are a scam. Rest assured that your payment is protected by PayPal’s buyer protection policy and since we take payments by PayPal if we have been proven to be a scam we wouldn’t have last this long.

Please only order from us if you feel comfortable doing so. We hope you will, like many of our regular customers.

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