Mitsubishi Rayon SKC205W Replacement Cartridge for SK105W SK106W



One of our best sellers, Mitsubishi Rayon SKC205W replacement cartridge for K105W SK106W. A convenient home utility and easy to attach. Very beneficial for your hair and skin health.


  • Imported from Japan and 100% guaranteed authentic
  • Suitable for water filter models¬†SK105W and SK106W
  • Optimum filtration is 4,000 litres per cartridge
  • Flow rate is 8 litres per minute
  • LIfespan is 3-4 moths at 60 litres per day

What it does:

1.  Chlorinates shower water, makes it friendly to hair and skin

2. One-touch switch to choose between purified water and raw water

3. Easy to attach to almost every shower type


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