UZC2000E / UZC2000 Replacement Cartridge for Z9 & Undersink Models



This is a replacement cartridge for Z9 and the following under-the-sink models:
• F914ZC
• A103ZC
• A101ZC
• A601EX
• AL700E
• Z9E

Please note: We may send out either UZC2000E / UZC2000 / UZC2000BL – the product is exactly the same and all manufactured by Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui in Japan, just packaging differ slightly
– Super High Grade Filtration Performance
– Optimum filtration: 8,000L
– Flow rate: 3.0L/min
– Lifespan: 8,000 Litres or 12 months at 18-20 Litres daily (Whichever is earlier – subject to source water quality, volume, temperature, pressure.)


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